Our Partners

Some of the partners we are proud to work with

Human relationships are important and WinesCritic.com has found in its Partners the support and support for its critical activity in the world of wines. They are precious and indispensable in the development and creation of new ideas and collaborations aimed at making the news and Italian excellence of the wine sector known to the whole world.


Oca Satolla

It is the perfect place to savor typical Tuscan cuisine. The owner Marta and Chef Cesare are attentive and precise to their customers and their needs. They transmit passion and dispense territorial tradition. The “Casarecci with crispy sausage” and the Cantucci called “Brutti ma Buoni” are incredible. It represents for us the most welcoming place to conduct our tastings. The headquarters of WinesCritic.com where all tastings originate and hundreds of emails are sent a day.

Modul Print

It is the ideal place if you are looking to design and print a revolution on the label for your wine. The careful and refined study of the graphic designer and the professional quality of Lorenzo and all of Modul Print will accompany you in the creation and production of modern and traditional labels.


Deus Vodka

It is the highest quality vodka designed for noble palates who love the true flavor of a pure distillate with an authentic Italian flavor.

Perfect alone at the end of a meal or combined to give rise to cocktails of extreme charm, it will be the best choice if you are looking for strong emotions. A superior product for personal consumers.


Ecobox is the perfect place if you are looking for innovative ideas, design and made in Italy labor for the packaging of your wine. The commitment and passion in creating ideal boxes produce much more than just a container.

Since 1996 they have been making boxes that travel around the world and impress in the quality of products and workmanship. The perfect complement to your vision.



The Zieher collection of glasses designed to capture every nuance of wine and the contemporary spirit of the search for beauty combines design with production quality made in Germany.

The glasses offer sensory experiences of great charm by simplifying the description of the aromas and improving the sensations perceived during the tasting.

Impossible to resist the Vision collection with breathtaking shapes and lines of a unique Vision.

The glasses chosen for the tastings of WinesCritic.com

Area Stampa

The first approach to the Press Area for the design and production of business cards for our WinesCritic.com brand was born out of need. Captured by Letizia’s positivity and creativity in proposing ideas and finding easy solutions, it represents for WinesCritic.com the perfect place for any type of printing, for the design of multimedia forms, logos, certificates of recognition, stickers, stickers and much more.


Agronomi in Vigna

The feeling with Marco was born years ago when we worked together in the vineyard in a well-known company in the Valdarno to ensure the healthy and perfect vegetative management of the plants and to produce the best grapes possible. Always kept in touch for wishes and various holidays, it represents for WinesCritic.com a staple in quality agronomy in Tuscany and around the world.

Pr Comunicare il Vino

It is a careful, precise and professional communication agency that has been operating in the wine sector for more than 20 years and brings Italian excellence to the world. Riccardo, Alessandra and Lisa are exceptional in their professionalism and will be able to take care of your requests in a short time through a precise and careful study of the company. They take care of relations with the Italian and foreign press and communicate your products and your news in the company in the best possible way.