Redigaffi, amazing verticals from 1994 to 2019. The pure Merlot excites everyone, including the family.

The 7th of July 2022 will go down in my memoirs as a date to remember, it was a memorable experience which presented something incredible. The vertical from Redigaffi from 1994 to 2019 shows an extremely high level of quality from the first wine produced to the last one tasted.

The tasting started around half past four and continued until seven o’clock with just the right amount of breaks between the four different stages which were perfectly served at a controlled temperature. In a very professional yet convivial atmosphere journalists and workers were able to taste the 26 vintages of pure Merlot which are famous around the world.

‘The Pinchiorri enoteca really wanted this’ Rita told us, she is the owner of the winery along with her husband Virgilio, they bought the winery in 1984. Redigaffi was born as a project with just two barrels from which the most famous wine already being produced Giusto di Notri was extracted.

There’s never been a wiser decision, the creation of a myth was on the wall. The deal was already very clear with Giorgio Pinchiorri who saw great potential in the new born wine, one barrel to be bottled exclusively for him and the other was to stay in Suvereto. Thanks to this solid decision yesterday we were able to taste the 1994 vintage which is impossible to find anywhere else in the world.

The family who hosted us and gave us such a warm welcome are direct, blunt, authentic and convivial people. A hundred other adjectives wouldn’t be enough to describe the professionalism and authority that Simena, Stefano and the young Giovanni transmit. Giovanni at only 24 years old shows character and great competence and at such a young age, yet quite rightly, holds a very important position in the winery.

The tasting was principally conducted by Luca D’Attoma, the world famous external consultant who started his career at Tua Rita as a young oenologist working in a particular manner on some of the wines we tasted during the evening. In 2011 Stefano Chioccioli who had worked at the winery for more than 15 years opened the road for Luca’s return, this time as an external consultant.

Alongside Marco, the very experienced internal oenologist and Stefano, Luca D’Attoma described the different vintages in the tasting, lingering on the pedoclimatic conditions and the characteristics of each year.

The journey began with the first wine produced in 1994. A splendid wine, harmonic and balanced, very different from all the other wines in the tasting. We quickly understand that it didn’t come about as a one off project, rather as a wine designed for assembly. It’s friendly and has sex appeal. It strongly reminds us of the most famous Bordeaux blend produced at Bolgheri. It’s agile like a Sangiovese, ‘nebbiolo’ like in the glass, describing the territory with the delicate strength of a Merlot that started to write the history of becoming a world famous wine.

The 1995 vintage has great impact, still rigid and very vibrant showing the materials from a fresher year, very likeable for it’s tension and verticality.

Everyone was taken aback by the extremely high average complexity of the different vintages at the vertical tasting of Redigaffi from 1994 to 2019.

The 1996 and 1998 were a little subdued while the 1997 which is venerated around the world, particularly by the American critics, certainly does it’s job. It’s precise and biting, showing sunshine in the fulfilling sip and certainly doesn’t betray any signs of tiredness in the sip or the closure.

The trio of 1999, 2000 e 2001 are shining and exciting. It’s difficult to judge the high quality in these cases. Obviously our palate plays an important role in the judging but it’s beyond doubt that everyone agreed on the compelling theme of the tasting. Perhaps we preferred the 1999 and 2000 vintages in ex aequo.

Certainly not a random vintage, the 2000 brought home great recognition from the wine world. Redigaffi 2000 was in fact the first Italian wine to be given 100 points by Robert Parker.

The 2002 and 2003 are both beautiful, two very difficult and opposed years in which the character of the winery began to emerge with the presence of the older vineyards which are able to withstand climatic stress.

From the 2004 vintage onward it reached an incredibly high level of quality, the winery raised the bar to an impressive new height. After the splendid vertical tasting the highest levels according to are awarded to the 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2019 vintages.

There is a wine that dominates, a wine which is decidedly regal and deep, stings like a bee but flies like a butterfly. The 2016 vintage is a sweet caress on the palate which shows material and remarkable persistency. The quality of the fruit, the interpretation and the decidedly noble characteristics came out in the tasting of this wine, venerated as the best Redigaffi ever produced.

Sincere thanks to the family who hosted the event and who took us on an incredible journey, and we give more thanks to the dedication and workaholic efforts of all the team which allow the winery and therefore all in Val di Cornia to attain such incredibly high levels of quality. We should all be grateful.

Following are the comments on all the wines tasted:

Red Wines

Producer Denomination Wine Vintage Score Type
Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2016 99 Red

Solid and indestructable in the glass showing a very rich sensory profile and a veil of infinite nuances. Many notes are still tied due to the setting and the predisposition of a wine which was projected for aging. The notes of blackberries, wild myrtle and juniper berries describe the primary profile, bergamot, cumin and incense the secondary one. There’s more with hints of chopped walnuts, toasted hazelnuts and salted caramel which frame the strong wine, elegant yet decidedly distended and vibrant, by no means staid. Full bodied, ‘chewy’ tannins, decidedly silky on the entrance to the palate and a juicy, balanced finale of smooth, modern vision. The greatest Redigraffi ever made. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1999 98 Red

It’s pure magic in the glass showing a multifaceted sensory profile in all respects, alternating hibiscus with nuances of lime, bergamot, marjoram, ripe strawberries, dates, cut cedar and dog rose. Full bodied, solid and compact on the centre palate showing strength and volume perfectly blended with a live skeleton, really vibrant and still exciting years after the harvest. A Masterpiece of Italian oenology that represents a true point of reference for the vintage in Costa Toscana. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2000 98 Red

Evolving in the best possible way and a reminder of the most highly talked about terroirs for the production of the great, pure Merlot. The notes of black prunes, blackberries, roasted coffee and crushed earth describe the primary profile. In the background the tertiary hints (perfect at this intensity for a 22 year old wine) show through with very light perceptions of tobacco, leather and medicinal herbs. Full bodied, velvety tannins of optimum workmanship and very fine grain and a truly juicy, balanced finale that shows of with a proud look what Tua Rita and the Suvereto territory are made of. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2004 98 Red

Fascinating and decidedly complex showing energy and a dark character yet leaving the right amount of space for mixed balsamic and cirtus tones in the matrix. Black prunes blend with guarana, strawberry jam, black olives, sea salt East Indian grass, sandalwood, coriander and white pepper. Medium to full bodied, touching in the sip showing perfectly polymerized tannins and a finale with a very subtle bitterness which contributes depth to the matrix. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2015 98 Red

Deep and decidedly spicy showing notes of black prunes, blackberries, wild myrtle, orange peel, lemon juice, green mandarin, bergamot, sandalwood, incense and cloves. Full bodied, perfectly matured tannins of a velvety nature and a warm, enveloping finale which hides strength and volume under a very elegant veil. It will continue to grow over time. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2019 98 Red

Decisive and spicy in the primary matrix showing notes of black prunes, blackberries, juniper berries, nutmeg, cumin, coriander and cloves. The secondary core swings up and down with ripe fruits alternating between black cherries, dates and red prunes. The fresh citrusy lash is framed with touches of chinottto and bergamot. Full bodied, silky tannins of splendidly fine grain and a finale which os incandescent in length and multi-layered. Better from 2025.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2001 97 Red

Chameleon like on the nose showing notes of black cherries, wild blackberries, wild myrtle, black olives, capers, the spicy leaves of bay and mixed Mediterranean herbs. Full bodied, lively, shining acidity which slightly covers the tannic bite and a wide, radiant finale which shows a lively, dynamic character, so ahead of it’s time, reminiscent of the modern vision of the vibrant wines produced today. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2007 97 Red

‘Gascone’ like in character, radiant and open showing perfectly trained energy with notes of strawberries, red prunes, currants, salted caramel, coriander, sea salt and guarana. In the background there are Mediterranean hints of fresh oregano and very ripe cherries. Full bodied, rounded and perfectly mature polyphenols, an harmonic, balanced closure with splendid saline vibrations. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2010 97 Red

Classic and a masterful interpretation, the Redigraffi pure Merlot from the 2010 vintage shows mixed floral and fruit notes reminiscent of hibiscus, geranium, camphor, mandarin blossom, orange rind and rose petals. The lively ‘popular’ character of a noble expression yet never separated from territorial wines shows through with notes of lime, blackcurrants, Easy Indian grass and guarana. Full bodied, velvety tannins of extraordinary beauty and extraction in the matrix and a persistent, vertical finale. The classic vintage excelled in balance and pleasantness showing and extremely high quality of material and brought the oenology at Tua Rita to a truly impressive level on the panorama of Italian wines. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2017 97 Red

Imposing and sinuous on the nose, perfect in it’s delicate essence thanks to the notes of cherries, black cherries, red prunes, blueberries and cruched myrtle leaves. Full bodied, mature tannins, wide and distended and which stay with us throughout the whole progression of the tasting and a finale with positive energy and a distinct character. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2018 97 Red

The Redigraffi 2018 shows elegance and the shy presence of black and red small berried fruits. The complexity comes out over time in the glass with scents of morello cherries, wet geraniums, linden flowers, quinine and rhubarb. Full bodied, perfectly mature and sincere fruit showing silky tannins and a finale which progresses elegantly, contant and linear. Smooth and dynamic showing it’s best profile coming from a cultivation which exalted itself in a cooler year. Better from 2022.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2002 96 Red

Fresh and vibrant on the nose showing small berried red fruits such as redcurrants, raspberries and pomegranate seeds. The hints of lemon and East Indian grass make an impressive mark on the secondary profile of medium complexity. Medium to full bodied, solid and centred in the sip showing slightly biting tannins and an enveloping finale with good harmony. The 2002 isn’t breathtaking but it’s up there, very much alive and decidedly modern in the anthocyanin smoothness which characterises it. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2005 96 Red

Very mature on the nose showing notes of strawberries, red prunes, redcurrants, coriander and lemon peel. In the background black cherries give sensory depth. Medium to full bodied, tasty in the sip showing solid tannins of optimum maturity and a finale with good persistency and a radiant character. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2008 96 Red

The Redigraffi 2008 is a continual oxymoron which alternates it’s character between composed ecclesiastical and lashings of exotic citrus, very rarely seen in Mediterranean wines. In the primary setting there’s an herbaceous depth which helps to exalt – by building a sensory wrapping – the fresh notes of lime pomelo, green mandarin and mixed white flowers. Medium to full bodied, luminous in the sip showing tannins only slightly extracted of extremely high quality and a smooth, long, graceful finale. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2011 96 Red

Austere in the primary profile showing a complex, well layered sensory profile. The primary setting shows notes of black prunes and wet earth. It opens slowly showing a decidedly noble, composed character with the deep tones of quinine, wild violets, rhubarb, juniper berries and black pepper. Full bodied, well polymerized tannins and a finale which is concentrated in it’s momentum and acidic perception. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2013 96 Red

A structured and deep Redigraffi, mature on the nose and rich in spices which give it complexity with notes of East Indian grass, wild strawberries, ripe prunes, glasswort, cumin and white pepper. Full bodied, very soft tannins and a finale of remarkable glycerine sweetness, reminiscent of traces of the 2008 vintage. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1994 95 Red

Fascinating and very delicate in the primary profile alternating notes of wilted red flowers, calendula, gorse and walnut shells. Persuasive in the secondary profile with notes of un-ripe redcurrants and sea salt. Medium bodied, harmonic and balanced in the sip showing the stuff of champions, it will age in the best possible way thanks to the very enjoyable, distended sip which demands a return to the glass. A savoury finale. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1997 95 Red

Singular and decidedly dark in the primary profile showing notes of black prunes, blackberries, wild myrtle, camphor, burnt mandarin peel and withered flowers. Medium to full bodied, very fine grain tannins and a finale of commendable closure, precise and captivating, mouthwatering and demanding a return to the glass. The most agitated of the vertical tasting in the glass revealing itself in a linear and decidedly harmonic sip and a seamless closure. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2003 95 Red

Classic and decidedly open on the nose showing notes of black prunes, mixed leaves, black olives, quinine, rhubarb and mixed spices. The juniper berries and cumin which blend with balsamic nuances are highly appreciated. Full bodied, rounded, decidedly harmonic and balanced in the sip with an elegant closure of medium persistency. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2006 95 Red

Slightly veiled on the nose showing very mature notes of dried black prunes, dried figs, toasted almonds and copper. Strawberry jam describes the secondary scene. Full bodied, slightly rigid tannins and a vertical finale with great momentum. It needs a lot of time in the glass. Better served from a decanter. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2009 95 Red

Fresh and balsamic showing notes of prunes, blackberries, wild myrtle, bay and a lot of undergrowth. Medium to full bodied, soft tannins with a good rounded form and a finale in the classic style, decidedly Mediterranean. Tasty and ‘chewy’ in the sip. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2012 95 Red

Pressed red flowers open the sensory scene and blend with hints of wet wild violets and ripe black cherries. Medium to full bodied, rounded tannins of good form and an enveloping finale, quite dynamic. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 2014 95 Red

Mature and decidedly spicy on the nose showing notes of prunes, strawberries, linden blossom, jasmine, camphor and white pepper. A lot of composed energy but decidedly pronounced in the intensity of the secondary sensory scene with notes of juniper berries and bergamot. Full bodied, fulfilling in the sip, closing harmonic and balanced with medium depth. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1995 94 Red

Mature and well smoothed in the primary profile showing notes of slightly dried prunes, white almonds, marjoram and a lot of bergamot. Medium to full bodied, vibrant and slightly rigid in the sip with a structured closure and glossy persistency. The savoury closure makes the tasting three-dimensional. Drink now or hold.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1996 93 Red

Structured in the primary profile showing warm tones and bloody nuances reminiscent of dried prunes, quinine, hot earth and bergmot. The background is dusty with notes of graphite and wrought iron. Full bodied, very soft well smoothed tannins and a juicy finale, well balanced and of remarkable grace. There’s a lot of material which has stayed linear even after 25 years. Drink now.

Tua Rita Toscana Redigaffi 1998 92 Red

Slightly opaque on the nose showing notes of wilted red flowers, hot asphalt, dates, chopped mushrooms and vegetative hints which bring out the flavour. Medium to full bodied, well extracted and integrated light tannins and a balanced, well distended finale showing good progression. It’s a shame about the slightly subdued nose. Drink now.

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