Sassicaia 2021, caustic yet balletic

A poetry which goes beyond the rich season. Our visit to Tenuta San Guido on the 9th of February allowed us to take an in-depth look into the new projects and the chance to taste the new vintages which will soon be on the market: Le Difese 2022, Guidalberto 2022 and Sassicaia 2021. The wine […]

Bordeaux 2021: the sapidity of Cabernet Sauvignon gives that extra touch

Vineyard of Clos Fourtet

In left Bank the best expressions of the tasting The 2021 vintage in Bordeaux is a rainy vintage, certainly not among the best of the last few years. Not all evils come to harm, however, in Bordeaux as in the rest of the world, in all areas of production of great wines that respect themselves, […]

Chianti Classico 2021, the vintage remains fresh and vibrant

The 2017 vintage and school for the producers who don’t repeat their mistakes. Over three hundred wines were tasted and rated by at the headquarters of the Chianti Classico Consortium in Sambuca a Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. From July 2023 Chianti Classico producers have been able to write eleven geographical references on their labels […]

Oltrepò Pavese, the classic Method drives the growth of the terroir

High quality Pinot Noir defines great sparkling wines. Barbera, Bonarda and Croatina entertain but can still grow! Last tasting in the Consortium, certainly not least, is that of Oltrepò Pavese. A land that surprises us every time we return, genuine welcoming companies, wines that grow and have the task of continuing to do well in […]

Aldone, pure Merlot signed Terre del Marchesato

A visit from Terre del Marchesato is the right occasion to taste a vertical of Aldone, the wine produced only from Merlot grapes, dedicated to Aldo, father of Maurizio Fuselli, from whom it takes its name.

Bordeaux 2020, a right bank year?

For the first time since the foundation of the company flew to Bordeaux where we tasted a large quantity of samples in order to write a complete and exhaustive report about the 2020 vintage.