The Digital Wine Masters have been born; wine professionals and digital professors with the vision of Emuanuele Trono and Stefano Quaglierini.

Emanuele, class of ’92 and Stefano, class of ’95 have created the Digital Wine Master, the first digital degree course dedicated to the wine world.

Registrations are underway today the 15th of October on the platform created ad hoc for training the industry professionals of today and tomorrow.

Young and brilliant, Emanuele and Stefano are two of the most followed influencers on Enoblogger and Italian Wines social media.

The Digital Wine Master is a dream come true for us; giving the guys who have been following us for years the chance and the tools to learn from the top professionals fills us with joy. We want to create a network that will be useful for their future careers.”, the two professionals say.

One lesson a week for 5 months, moments of discovery and in depth studies made for everyone, professionals and new employees in the sector.

The first lesson is fixed for the 17th of November, the founders will outline the course program and tell a little about their experiences.

With over 100 thousand followers on social media we are sure it will be a success.

Among the professionals are expert key players in the wine industry who are making history in our world.

Francesco Ricasoli, Sabrina Schench, Andrea Silvello, Davide d’Alterio and Vincenzo Donatiello, are just some of the names subscribers might meet and listen to during the online classes in the course programmed by Emanuele and Stefano.

The professionals called up for the cause are all enthusiastic, in an ever faster moving world the industry needs to exploit the digital as well as possible in order to close the gap between others sectors in which communication has held greater prominence.

Great words from Andrea Farinetti, the owner of Fontanafredda and young professor of the digital school:

The world changes and so must we. With the speed at which our society goes everything changes in a few years, not only styles and tastes will change, but also the way we explain and tell each other things, for this reason we must never lose the will to start from zero, to teach the basics, the simple things”, says Andrea Farinetti, owner of Fontanafredda.”So we will need innovative tools and for me Digital Wine Master is a key that will bring a new sensitivity to the world of contemporary wine. This is a new methos of language to reach all the people who want to learn. I’m really pleased to have been chosen as one of the first ”teachers” on the course, and my job is to explain what the wine world in Italy is today.

Best of luck to the guys, I’m pleased to see that young talents can teach about wine with passion and energy all over the Italian peninsula.

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