The Great Beauty 2022, The Virtual Tour of Italian Wines April 2022 Edition presents La Grande Bellezza, The Italian Wines Virtual Tour 2021. After having reviewed over 2000 Italian producers in three years, it is time to connect the best Italian producers with professionals in the sector using new forms of communication, digital and face to face.

Difficult times for travel and event lovers, for this reason the best Italian excellence will be presented during a 2-hour Virtual Tour that will put Producers, Oenologists and Commercials in contact with the best selected Trades in each city.

26th April – New York – Miami

27th April – Los Angeles – San Francisco

28th April – Amsterdam – London

9th May – Florence

La Grande Bellezza 2022, The Virtual Tour of Italian Wines.

La Grande Bellezza, The Italian Wines Virtual Tour is the third world event of that will allow you to connect through the Web Producersand Wine Trade experts carefully chosen for the occasion.

Producers will be able to exhibit two labels reviewed with at least 90+ and will have a window of time available to tell their story, the main characteristics of the production area and the vintages presented.

A maximum presence of 10 producers per combined stage will allow professionals abroad and in Italy to taste up to a maximum of 20 different references from all over Italy.

The Florence stage will close the tour and will take place in presence at a restaurant in the center that we will communicate as soon as possible in compliance with Covid regulations.

Trade selected from among importers, distributors, restaurateurs, sommeliers and selected collectors thanks to a careful selection from the database of, and and subscribers to our Virtual Event will receive a box containing the wine samples and all the information necessary to get in touch with the producer.

The Tour will be carried out with the help of Vinovae, the French company that reconditions wines in small 5cl glass bottles.

A digital guide created for the meeting will also lead to discover the beauty and authenticity of each individual participating producer.

Why choose the Grande Bellezza Tour and why can virtual events replace physical ones?

They are innovative, modern, dynamic.

They allow you to present your company in this difficult period by attracting the maximum attention of the Trade that has not been able to participate in traditional fairs in the last year.

They maximize the amount of professionals who taste the wines by quantity of bottles used for the event. Three bottles per single label will allow 40 Professionals to taste the company in each city.

They maximize the time invested by each company.

They minimize travel times, trips and stays abroad, completely eliminating this type of expense.

They allow the sending of unlimited invitations to customers around the world who will be able to connect passively and listen to the presentation of the participating company.

They include the logistics costs of shipping to professionals and do not represent a commitment for the winery which will have to deal with a single shipment of the samples.

The vision and sharing of virtual events are global.

They are largely financed through CMO investment forms.

Are you a company or a professional in the world of wine contact us for more information, registration is open until January 28, 2022:

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